Ramadan Mubarak

This Ramadan, we would like to ask you to remember the Children of Senegal: many are malnourished, hungry and in urgent need of medical help. Ramadan is a time when Muslims come together in community spirit, collective worship and to share prosperity. This Ramadan we would like to ask you to show your concern for the many children in Senegal, who are hungry all day, every day, every month of the year – not just in the month of Ramadan and to share with them a little bit of your prosperity.
With your donations, we will provide milk powder and medical assistance to malnourished and sick children and remind them that we stand by them.
Just go give one example: little Babacar of 4 years old is suffering from Hirschsprung disease since birth, causing constipation and growth retardation. Your donations will contribute to a healthy future for Babacar as well as of hundreds of other children.
You can show your concern and solidarity for these children in need by simply making a donation (your zakat) to our foundation. It is the fastest and simplest way to make a difference.
Please check our website and/or Facebook page for regular updates onthe Children we help with your donation.

Have a blessed Ramadan. RAMADAN MUBARAK!