The board

THE BOARD Petite Cobi Foundation has a board of five members, including the president, secretary and treasurer. All board members execute their tasks voluntarily, without compensation. The board gathers at least four times a year for an assembly and additionally consults regularly. Besides the board member, several volunteers in Senegal and the Netherlands support the activities of Petite Cobi. Below, the board members introduce themselves: Cobi met kleine cobiCobi Mars (chair man): In 2000 I visited Senegal for the first time. I met Mame Debo, a year and a half old at the time and she weighed only 5 kg. Touched by her situation, I paid for food and medication. Since that time I have visited Senegal many times, helping other children as well. In 2003 I took care for a baby whose mother deceased during childbirth. When I saw the baby for the first time she was three weeks old and weighed only 1.9 kg. Now she is 10 years old and goes to school. Everybody calls her Cobi: “petite Cobi”. To contribute in a more structural way, I studied anthropology and established the foundation with friends. Besides my voluntary commitment to Petite Cobi Foundation, I have a job in the international development sector. AnneliekeAnnelieke van Dijk (treasurer): When I met Cobi, which has been already seven years ago, she told me about her experiences in Senegal. I was touched and wanted to contribute. Cobi mentioned her plans for establishing a foundation to help improve mother and child care, I was enthused right away. I have been interested in developmental aid for a long time and took some courses in the theme during my education. Therefore it is both very interesting and informative to be practically involved in developmental aid through my tasks for Petite Cobi. I am convinced Petite Cobi Foundation, all be it on a small scale, contributes to a better world. Let’s work together to reach Petite Cobi’s goals! LydiaLydia Timmer (secretary): My name is Lydia Timmer and I was born in 1981. By profession I am a nurse and in 2005 I have worked as a volunteer in South Africa. I was deeply moved by the country’s situation. The population living in poverty have no access to qualitative and clean hospitals, there is a lack of medication and people live in unhygienic cramped houses. There is no sufficient drinking water and one toilet is used by up to 60 people. As a rich western woman, I could make a small contribution to improving their situation while I was there. Back in the Netherlands I wanted to continue this, therefore I am glad to be board member of Petite Cobi Foundation. AnnemarieAnnemarie de Lang (general board member): I am 31 years old and I have studied cultural anthropology and development sociology at Leiden University. I have always been interested in other cultures and developmental aid. Through Cobi I learned more about Senegal and the country’s health care problems. That is why I am very enthused to be on the board of the Petite Cobi Foundation, to contribute to developmental aid in a practical way. I hope we can achieve many things together! 485349_10151392276647671_165876614_nEline Holtes (general board member): I am 26 years old and just like Cobi and Annemarie I graduated in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, focusing on Global Connections. Through Annelieke I got to know Cobi and the foundation in 2007. During my studies I have gained knowledge about non-western cultures and difficulties in developmental projects. When I learned about the work of Petite Cobi Foundation, I was immediately appealed and I thought it was a great way to put my knowledge into practice. A better world starts with one’s own actions. I am fully confident that we, albeit on a small scale, are able to make a real difference in this world. ON SITE IN SENEGAL Mbaye DioneMbaye Dione Mbaye Dione, living in Terokh/Yendane in Senegal is Petite Cobi’s contact concerning the parent-child centre. He weighs the children of the villages every month and organizes information sessions on care for children, for which he completed a training. At the moment he is being educated as a nurse so he can attend to the children and their parents even better when the parent-child centre is finalized. Cheikh Diouf is Petite Cobi’s contact concerning ill children and the Construction of the parent-child centre. He arranges hospital appointments and when necessary accompanies mothers and children when visiting the hospital. VOLUNTEERS IN THE NETHERLANDS Petite Cobi Foundation is supported by several amazing volunteers in the Netherlands, helping us in organizing and executing the various activities we undertake.