Want to help?


With your donation we are able to arrange medical care for one or several children or you can contribute to finishing the construction of the parent-child centre. It is possible to donate once or you can become a permanent donor of Petite Cobi Foundation. Permanent donors receive our newsletter, published four times a year.

It gets even better if you enthuse your neighborhood or (sports) club for Petite Cobi Foundation and recruit new donors. We can support your initiative with a Senegalese afternoon or evening with traditional food and music.
You can also contribute by buying our products or join one of our initiatives. For more information please look at initiatives.


For schools, we can compose a curriculum containing information on Senegal, the problems the population faces and how they can be supported in this. In continuing sessions the children can come up with ideas to raise money. This can be linked to a specific child in Senegal or a specific (part of a) project, for example realizing the roof of the parent-child centre or new prosthetics for one of the children. It is also possible to link this to already existing activities within the school, like a sponsor run.

Give an African touch to your Friday afternoon drinks. Serve authentic Senegalese snacks and play the famous Senegalese music, for example of Youssou N’Dour. We can give a short introduction on the Petite Cobi Foundation and the country of Senegal and organize an auction of Senegalese products.
Enterprises can also sponsor one of the initiatives by our supporters, which can be found on the page initiatives. It’s also possible to make a donation once or become a permanent donor. Contact us for options concerning advertisement.


Petite Cobi Foundation is always in search for donors. On the contact page you will find our bank account details.
Petite Cobi is regarded as ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) by the tax department. This means your donation is tax deductible in the Netherlands.