To ensure that the foundation can achieve all its goals, funds are collected in different ways. We do this by organizing various activities and by the sale of products. Below you can find an overview. Do you have questions about any of our actions or do you want to contribute? Let us know through

A Mile for a Child

Aïda Brands will contribute to the work of Stichting Petite Cobi in a spectacular way this summer. Together with her father she will make a journey by bike from her hometown Leiden to Ravenna (Italy), the residence of her father. In 15 to 20 days they will cover a distance of approximately 1700 kilometres. Right now they are on a tough training schedule to prepare themselves for the journey and at the same time they are searching for companies and individuals in the Netherlands and abroad that want to support their bike journey and thus Stichting Petite Cobi. You can find more information about this initiative here.


(Christmas) Cards

One of the first actions we have set up as a foundation was to sell (Christmas) cards. Every year, in the weeks before Christmas, we produce cards with photos from Senegal. These cards are sold at a price of € 1.50 each. Of course it is also possible to order the cards at other times during the year. The cards are in fact not only applicable with Christmas, but can also be used for other occasions.

Apple pie

In March 2007 we launched the ‘Baking Apple-pies’ event. We offer people within the area of Leiden, The Hague, Bilthoven and/or Middelburg an apple-pie baking and delivery service for € 9.95 per pie or € 17, – per two pies

Senegalese Meals

We also organise Senegalese dinners. Upward of four people you can book us to provide a delicious home cooked Senegalese meal. We will charge € 15 p.p.

Clothing market

Our foundation organises a second-hand clothing market every year. We collect second-hand clothes, which are then sold by us on an organized market or fair. Once we have decided on a new date for the next clothing market, we will let you know.


Cute and original gifts: original Tuareg leather boxes derived from Niger (pictures will follow soon).

Rectangle (length 12-13 cm – also in dark brown, pink and blue, green) € 10, –
Oval (length 14cm) € 10, –
Circular (diameter 10cm) € 7.50
Circular (diameter 8 cm – also in dark brown) € 5, –

Children’s wear

Original children’s clothing for sale: trousers and shirts up to size 92 (3yr).

Shirt € 17, –
Pants and shirt € 30, –

The clothes are produced on the basis of an order, design and size can be specified.